Snoop Dogg Apologizes to Iggy Azalea; T.I. Squashes the Beef!

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Well, it's over. One of the most unexpected rap beefs in the history of hip hop has come to an equally surprising conclusion.

The Iggy Azalea-Snoop Dogg feud that began when Doggfather posted an insulting Instagram pic directed at Iggy has officially been resloved, with Iggy's mentor T.I. stepping in to play peacemaker.

Snoop uploaded the above video to Instagram just moments ago, and though he never mentions I-G-G-Y by name, it's pretty clear whom he's apologizing to. 

"It's officially over," Snoop says to the camera. "No more bad talk. I apologize."

Of course, the stoned smirk that spreads across Snoop's face at the end makes us feel like the apology might be less than 100% sincere, but we're sure Iggy will take what she can get.

It's hard to remember a celebrity feud that escalated this quickly. In less than a day, things went from playful Instagram chiding to Snoop's crew threatening to sic Nicki Minaj on Iggy.

Iggy's boyfriend Nick Young got involved in the beef and before anyone realized what was happening, a full-blown inter-generational hip hop beef was afoot.

Anyway, it's all over now, and we're glad to see it peacefully resolved. But we have to say - no one recorded a diss track?! Come on, guys, you're rappers!

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