North West Keeps All Organic Diet, Rocks $50,000 Diamond Earrings: World's Most Spoiled Baby?

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We've always known that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West like to provide "the good life" for their 1-year-old daughter, but the details of Nori's lavish lifestyle have gotten almost unbelievably ridiculous, even by Kimye standards.

Nori and Kanye

First we learned that North has a gold toilet and owns $1 million in jewelry. Then we came to find out little Nori has her own personal stylist and tailor.

Now, Us Weekly claims to have a slew of new details about the day-to-day life of Hollywood's most baller baby and, may want to stop reading now, unless you're prepared to be jealous of a toddler!

The tabloid claims that the luxuries enjoyed by North include 200 pieces of designer clothing that she's never even worn, a $4,000 crib, an all-organic diet prepared by a private chef, multiple walk-in closets, and half-carat diamond earrings valued at more than $50,000.

Yes, Nori had walk-in closets before she could walk. It doesn't get much more extravagant than that!

Of course, all of that is just how she lives when she's at home. North's directional name couldn't be more appropriate, as she's already racked up more frequent flier miles than most adults.

And naturally, when she travels, she does it in style, with $1,000 strollers stashed at all the West family's homes away from home.

So yeah, when North attended Paris Fashion Week, she rolled up (literally) to the runway shows in a baby buggy more expensive than her mama's Manolos. 

Like we said, Nori is living proof that it's possible to envy someone who isn't potty trained.

Of course, she may soon be forced to share her parents' affection:

"Kim wants to be pregnant now," as source tells the magazine, adding that she's hoping for a boy because "[Kanye] wants an heir to his throne."

Yes, the Wests want a boy. Get ready for diamond-encrusted Ninja Turtles, world!

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