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Last night on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4, the Dunphy’s house had to be treated for mold, which Phil tried to turn into a positive as they checked into a hotel.

Great opportunity to bond in close quarters, right?

As you might expect, Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4 gave off the feeling that we’d seen it all before, and this has become a hallmark of the acclaimed comedy.

Acclaimed as it is, things never really evolve.

Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4 Online
Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4 Online

The show is at its best when the characters and plot lines intertwine with each other, which was not the case with the Dunphys and their hotel experience.

Not that it wasn’t amusing, even hilarious at times. If you watch Modern Family online, you’re likely doing it in large part because of Phil, Claire and the kids.

All the characters are solid, but a Dunphys spinoff could work in ways the other Modern Family family members could not. And this was proof positive.


Naturally, the undertones are Phil trying too hard and Claire trying to put up boundaries (sneaking off to her own roof) which triggers laughs and arguments.

People then think Phil and Claire are breaking up because of the way one comment is misheard, and we get the feeling that we’ve been there, done that.

Do the admittedly funny one-liners make up for it? Yes and no. It’s never not fun to watch the show, but there’s also a sense of longing for … something.

Meanwhile, Manny and a new girl named Sam hit it off, while Gloria was helicoptering and Jay proved to be more of a father figure than he gets credit for.

Cameron wants Mitchell to be more supportive of his football coaching career, yet secretly fears that Mitch is cursed, a recurring gag throughout the night.

At least with Cam’s new job, that’s moving the slow in a different direction somewhat, yet it appears to be principally a vehicle to keep up the status quo.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the episode, and do you agree that the show is somewhat stuck in its own comedic place, however sweet it may be?