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The fall’s highly anticipated That ’70s Show spinoff is finally here.

Yes, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed a baby girl today!

The name and other details regarding their beautiful child have not been released yet, but both mom and daughter are reportedly resting comfortably.

Sources close to the proud parents say Mila and Ashton arrived at the hospital around 6 am LA time and were rushed straight to a delivery room.

And get this – it was just the two of them!

No family, assistants, or hairdressers to keep Ashton’s hair stylishly tousled. Guess you can be really ridiculously good-looking and down to earth at the same time!

As happy as we are for the co-stars-turned-lovers, we will miss pregnant Mila. 

Whether she was talking about her “shredded vagina” or putting expecting fathers on blast, the girl brought a sassy edge to being knocked up.

And, of course, she managed to look gorgeous for the whole nine months.

We’ll keep you posted as info like the kid’s name becomes available, (With “Ashton” and “Mila” as parents, you can assume it’ll be something unique).

In the meantime, congrats to one of our favorite couples. Oh, and Ashton wait til she’s old enough to decide for herself before you put a trucker hat on her, mmm-kay?

It’s safe to say, meanwhile, that this will be one beautiful child…