Michelle Obama: "Turn Down For What" Parody Proves Even White House Moms Can Be Embarrassing!

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As you may have heard, Michelle Obama is a fan of healthy eating. She's apparently also a fan Lil Jon, bad puns and awkward mom-dancing.

How do we know? Well, Mrs. Obama combined some of her favorite things in what might be the most hilariously cringe-worthy Vine video ever recorded. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you "Turnip For What:"

Yes, that's the First Lady dancing (we think that's dancing) with a root vegetable. And no, we don't know what to make of it.

We imagine it's part of her campaign to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, which makes us wonder how the hell Michelle thought this would appeal to kids.

See, part of the problem is that the FLOTUS is way late to the party:

The entire Internet has already had its way with Lil Jon's infectious summer hit.

From cats rocking out to "Turn Down For What" to Bill Murray dancing to "Turn Down For What" we've officially reached the point where we'd like to turn down any further comedic takes on the catchy club jam.

So sorry, Mrs. Obama - we realize your heart was in the right place, but next time pick a more relevant song and a maybe a tastier vegetable. C'mon...you're really trying to push turnips on kids? Turnips?!

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