Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Strictly Business, Honey

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 7, two co-stars cemented a marriage ... of music at least. But it's never ALL about the music.

You know whenever Teairra is involved, drama is not in short supply.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 7 was no exception.

Teairra is ready to put work in on both her voice and her body after last week's letdown, and Yung Berg is impressed with her work. He thinks he can do something with her.

Berg thinks their chemistry is hot, and not just in the studio. He tries to make a move but she ain't havin' none. “Strictly business, honey,” she says. “Keep it cute.”

Ray J, as you know if you watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood online, has plenty of similarly awkward situations on his hands. So many this week it's crazy.

He confronts Yesi about giving Morgan a job, then gets in her face when she says she's not gonna be playing his new song if it sucks. Security is called!

Then Ray J is arrested at a hotel after allegedly grabbing a woman’s butt, refusing to leave, kicking a window out of a cop car and who knows what else.

“Yeah, I was a little turnt, but only because I got mad,” Ray J says, though his father says he clearly has a drinking problem after picking him up at jail.

Teairra reaches out to Ray J’s manager after the arrest because she's concerned about him, and there was never closure, etc. She is not over him, clearly.

They meet up and it's going cordially until she asks for an apology, he refuses to give one, she accuses him of cheating and he says he never did.

Because they were “never together like that," is his explanation for what he considers not cheating. “Have a good life,” Teairra says before storming off.

Apryl is nervous with her home birth approaching and believes that if their son is going to get snipped, then well, Omarion should probably be circumcised too.

She says he needs to get it done because his penis is too big and it hurts. "Listen, if my son is man enough to get his, I am too," he says. "Just maybe not now."

Yes, this exchange actually aired on TV.

Apryl is equally wary about Omarion’s mother being present for the birth. They actually make some progress when it comes to moving past their issues.

Meanwhile, Hazel tells Masika that she’s writing a song about Berg, which Masika thinks is dumb because Berg is not gonna wife her up either way.

Hazel meets up with Berg to play the music and Berg basically tells her that the lyrics suck arse and she be "pushing up on me like a Muppet in heat."

“I think you’re delusional,” he tells her, saying he has never been his girl. She flips out on him screaming, Berg laughs and throws her stuff in the street.

NIa asks her sisters about Soulja Boy, whom they haven’t met in the last eight YEARS the two have been together. That's always a good sign in a relationship.

Soulja, meanwhile, asks for Teddy Riley’s opinion on the romance. Total, Teddy has 10 kids and is a serial cheater, which seems to get Soulja amped up.

He reassures Teddy that he is serious about this relationship, that he has changed, that his focus is the record and coming back to his family, blah blah.

“My concern is, ‘is she safe with you?’ You got a lot of proving to do,” Teddy says, and it takes one to know one, we suppose, from a cheating standpoint.

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