Leah Messer: Drug Addiction Causes Her to "Fall Asleep" While Caring For Kids, Source Says

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Leah Messer has been having a rough few weeks.

First, her husband Jeremy Calvert accused Leah of cheating in a vicious tirade on Twitter.

At first, it seemed as though the two had patched things up, but days later Calvert moved out on Messer and boasted about it on Twitter.

Why the abrupt departure after Leah claimed publicly that there was no truth to the cheating rumors? Well, sources say reports of infidelity weren't the only thing that Jeremy had lost patience with.

Leah Messer Crying

Recently, a drug dealer in Messer and Calvert's area came forward to reveal that Leah spends $600 a week on prescription pills.

The problem has reportedly gotten so bad that Leah's addiction has rendered her incapable of caring for her three children.

"She keeps falling asleep all the time," a source tells Radar Online. "People are worried that she's [falling asleep] when she's supposed to be caring for the kids. She could lose everything if she doesn't shape up."

Leah denies the allegations, but in the past she's been caught nodding off on camera while filming Teen Mom.

So is she a tired mom or an addled addict? There's no way of knowing right now, but if Messer and Calvert wind up in divorce court, the truth might finally come out.

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