Kris Jenner Klaims Kylie Jenner is Single!

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Rumors that Kylie Jenner is dating Tyga have been circulating for weeks now. Both parties have denied it, because Kylie is 17, Tyga is 24, and he probably wants to stay out of prison.

Yesterday, Jaden Smith dropped a weird rap song online that seemed to be about his rumored on, off relationship with Kylie.

The fact that Kylie is in the video and the song contains lyrics about making "your man jealous" seem to indicate that Kylie is playing the field with both Tyga and Jaden. (Those Kardashian-Jenner girls love their rappers!)

Today, however, matriarch/momager Kris Jenner attempted to clear the air and convince the world that Kylie is 100% single:

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"Kylie isn't dating anybody," Kris said during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. "The whole little group of kids have been around forever....They all kind of travel as a pack and enjoy each other's company."

"Tyga used to live across the street for a long time and now he lives next door to Khloe. Everyone's always around and with the way I cook, they're not leaving."

Yes, Kris is promoting a cookbook these days, so naturally, she found a way to steer the conversation back to how awesome she is in the kitchen.

Never mind that Kris would probably need to have her personal chef draw her a map in order to find her kitchen, the really hilarious part of this interview is that Kris considers Tyga to be part of a "little group of kids."

No, Kris. Your youngest daughter is a kid. The man she's rumored to be romantically involved with turns 25 next month and has a kid of his own.

And we're guessing he ain't hangin' around because you're such a great chef, ya know?

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