Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: "Both So Unhappy," Source Says

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Recently, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent some time in Paris. It sounded like the perfect getaway for a couple of newlyweds - they got to see the sights, wear matching goth attire, drag their daughter to a fashion show - ya know, the usual.

But sources tell Radar Online that not only was the trip a total disaster, but both Kim and Ye had such a miserable time that they've taken their unhappiness home with them. Hope they weren't charged extra for the baggage!

Kim Kardashian Cleavage Outfit

The worst part of the trip for Kim? Model envy, of course.

"She felt rejected next to Kendall," says a source. "Kendall's young, thin, and chic, which was grating on her."

Gee, we would've thought Kim getting tackled by a Ukrainian comedian would've been the low point, but apparently you should never underestimate the power of sibling rivalry. 

Anyway, insiders claim Kim coped with her insecurities about her waif-like half-sister by - you guessed it - binge eating!

"When Kim lets go, she really lets go, and the weight gain is like a rollercoaster," says the source. "She was eating from the minibar and generally pigging out because she found Paris so stressful."

"She's been overindulging and in a bad mood, so Kanye's been feeling down, too. When they were in the most romantic city in the world, they were both so unhappy."

Oh, they were unhappy! So that must be why Kim forgot North in a hotel room!

We can relate. Don't you hate when jealousy over your model sister and the constant availability of delicious minibar snacks ruins your trip to Paris and causes you to forget you brought a one-year-old?

The Wests have officially transcended First World problems and are now suffering from something that can only be described as #KimyeProbs. 

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