Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: What Does Little Hank Know About Cheating Scandal?

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Already reeling emotionally, Kendra Wilkinson really didn't want her and husband Hank Baskett's 4-year-old son Hank IV to witness their intense marital problems.

"My son is definitely not old enough to handle any of this or any detail or any explanation," Kendra tells E! News, but "he did witness the initial fight."

"It's funny because he's never ever witnessed a fight between Hank and me."

As you surely know by now, Kendra's five-year marriage to Hank Baskett has been on the rocks since he cheated on her with transsexual model Ava London.

He's denied the allegations, obliquely and unofficially, but if you watch Kendra on Top online - their reality show returned Friday - it sure looks like he did.

That or Wilkinson's season premiere performance deserves an Emmy nod.

Wilkinson, who is on record saying that the drama on Kendra on Top is real and it sucks, says the hardest part to date has been what her son thinks.

"Little Hank is too young to understand all this," Wilkinson recalls. "He was old enough to understand that mama and papa did have a big blowout fight."

"I had to explain what that meant. I didn't explain what it was about, but I explained that papa had to go on grown-up time-out and it was really sad.

"He's extremely smart," she continued.

"He still thinks about that day sometimes and he'll bring it up and I make sure that I comfort him and tell him that we're all not perfect and we all get in fights."

In fact, Kendra said, their son and the duo's five-month-old daughter Alijah are why she is sticking it out with Hank, not just because it makes good TV.

Oh, and he treats her like a queen.

For real. She actually said that.

As bleak as things may seem, Kendra said she's happy moving forward and glad that things happened now and not earlier in the couple's marriage.

"I'm about to turn 30 this year," she said. "I feel like now I'm at a place in my life where I'm mature enough to handle what is happening to me in my life."

"Five years ago, I would have never ever been able to. I would've made the wrong decisions and made very quick, rash decisions without thinking about them."

"Right now," Wilkinson reflects, after all that's happened, "I'm more mature and I'm spiritual and I can slow my mind down and really think logically."

That may be, although one could also argue it would be better to learn that one's husband likes giving hand jobs to transsexuals sooner rather than later.

Just saying.

To watch the drama play out in full on her WEtv reality show, follow the link to check out Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 1. It was quite something.

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