Kendra on Top Sneak Peeks: You're NOT WANTED IN THIS HOUSE!

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Kendra Wilkinson absolutely loses it on Hank Baskett this week on WE TV's Kendra on Top, and while we all assumed this is sort of what went down ... wow.

No True Tori-Emily Goodhand-style fabrications here. Oh no.

This appears to have been a very real fling Hank had with Ava London, and the ugly fallout. While Kendra may not be ready to throw in the towel ...

She's ready to throw something. That much is for sure.

In this clip from Friday's Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 6, the 29-year-old literally chases husband Hank out of the house in an expletive-fueled rage.

One that felt like a long time coming, to say the least. You can tell even before she starts to tear him a new one that this has been building up inside her.

The heated confrontation about Hank's "alleged" affair with Ava London, a transsexual model, includes a threat by a vase-wielding Kendra to end the marriage.

"You are going to believe this person over me, and I have believed in you?" Baskett says to his scorned wife, who is very much unmoved by his incredulity.

After all, this is a guy who supposedly admitted everything to Jessica Hall's boyfriend Kyle, as seen on last week's episode, but won't come clean to Kendra.

"You aren't wanted in this house," she shouts, having had it up to here with his mind games and accusing him of either lying or being "in denial."

"I'm so pissed off," Wilkinson says later to the camera. "It's just beyond anger. How dare Hank think he can just walk into my house with this secret."

Later, when things calm down a little on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 7, we'll see her look within herself and consider her own role in all this.

The "Moment of Truce" comes as Kendra realizes she hasn't made it easy for Hank to open up to her in the past, so it can't be easy for him now.

That doesn't excuse cheating on her, but still. Or take the sting out of the fact that when he did cheat, the mistress he pursued had a penis. But still.

Ava London, for her part, says she didn't know Hank was married and urges Kendra to leave Hank before he cheats again, which Ava says he will.

Good to know.

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