Kendra on Top Sneak Peek: Who Has Wilkinson's Back?

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In a sneak peek from this evening's back to back new episodes of Kendra on Top, we see how the embattled Wilkinson tries to cope with the brewing scandal.

On Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 4, she decides that because she's going through SO much and needs another storyline, she'll reach out to her mom.

Patti and Kendra Wilkinson have had a tough relationship over the years, to say the very least. It's about as fractious as it gets, or at least it has been.

Can they fix it now? Is can she ever really become "No Beef Patti"?

We doubt it, even if the above clip shows signs of progress. Old wounds are hard to heal, and old habits die hard. But at least she has her girlfriends.

Unfortunately, in the glimpse we see above from Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 5, what was a fun evening with the ladies becomes "Girls Night Bout."

Why? They had to go bring up the rumors. And even worse ...

Remember Hank reaching out to Jessica Hall?

Well, it turns out he told her "the truth" about his alleged affair with Ava London, while he's yet to come clean with his own scorned wife about the drama.

When this comes out at dinner? Look out.

Will Patti and Kendra be able to move on from the past and put her hurt feelings aside after a year of not even speaking and no love lost prior to that?

Can Wilkinson recover from the betrayal of not just Hank, but her friends who she believes should have been on her side more than they appear here?

Both questions will be answered tonight.

You can check both of these new installments out on We TV or watch Kendra on Top online after the fact to see all the drama play out for yourself.

WARNING: It's gonna be awkward.

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