Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Where in the World is Hank Baskett?!

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Friday on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 2, the fallout from Hank's astonishing transsexual cheating scandal continued to ripple through the Wilkinson-Baskett abode.

If nothing else, last week's season premiere and subsequent media appearances put to rest (mostly) the rumors that this scandal was somehow fabricated.

In Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 2, we saw more evidence that Kendra truly didn't know how to react to these events, or her husband, in the ensuing weeks.

There's also the question of where the heck Hank even was this week.

We see Kendra show up at doctor's office for her baby's appointment, on the verge of an utter breakdown as she gets heckled by someone on the way.

Asked how she's doing by the doctor, she can barely get words out.

Obviously, we know she and Hank have not gotten divorced, or split up for good. For a period of time after this scandal broke, though, he was apparently MIA.

When you watch Kendra on Top online this week, his absence was telling both for the turmoil he put her through but also the lack of drama on screen.

Perhaps this was a good thing for him to take off, but as Wilkinson tells BFF Jessica Hall, the prospect of being a single mom terrifies her the most of all.

Not that he's AWOL, which is troubling in itself to be sure, but the broader issue of never having been alone; Kendra's been with a man her whole adult life.

Perhaps as a result of this fear, she reaches out to her mother.

Big mistake, since she's never liked Hank and hasn't had a stable relationship with Kendra for that matter. But that is soon trumped by what happens next:

Kendra finds Jessica Hall on the phone ... with Hank Baskett!

After she whispers directives to Jessica to guide the conversation, she tells Wilkinson after it's over that she "owes it" to Baskett to at least hear him out.

Does she, though? And is Hall the one who calls the shots?

If she fielded the phone call, she must know Hank pretty well, and she's a terrific long-term friend who is always there for her, including on the Season 3 premiere.

Her opinion certainly does carry weight, but it's Kendra's call.

Meanwhile, the paparazzi begin to circulate around her.

We spent a lot of time hearing about how this stresses her out, and we have no doubt that it does, but it's unclear how many guys really hound Kendra.

Of course, given what Hank did with Ava London? It likely takes one or two to send his scorned wife into an emotional tailspin once more. THAT is real.

It looks like next week, on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 3, we'll see the broken Baskett catch some more flak for his actions when he finally returns.

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