Kate Gosselin: Plastic Surgery and Botox Addict?!

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Kate Gosselin wishes she could turn back the clock to the olden days of celebrity news stardom and massive TLC ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Or at least Kate Plus 8. Eff that Jon guy.

That ship has long since sailed, but she will return for a new season this winter, and if nothing else, she's kept her appearance more or less the same ...

With plastic surgery up the wazoo!

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Kate Gosselin is a hard woman to know, and even harder to tolerate, but when it comes to erasing the hard lines on her face? A job well done, girl.

Experts believe the 39-year-old has been dipping into her cosmetic surgery bag of tricks to hold on to her youth, and it's been working for Kate.

Says one New Jersey-based plastic surgeon who has not treated the mother of eight, “I think her face looks tighter and that she’s had a facelift."

“Injectables alone," the doctor observes, in his totally professional opinion, just "would not create that smooth and contoured jaw line and chin."

The doctor goes on to say, “It appears that her skin has been lifted along the sides of her face very skillfully without creating an overly pulled look."

Make no mistake, “It’s an excellent facelift!”

That doesn’t mean that Kate isn’t a stranger to Botox or fillers as well. Those would be in addition to the work she's had done, not just instead of.

Somewhere, Jon Gosselin - who wants a cut of her new reality TV money - is flipping out at the idea that she's allegedly blowing cash on this stuff.

"I suspect that she had Botox injected into her forehead to smooth frown lines, and a filler called Juvederm injected into her nasolabial folds," another surgeon says.

Those would be "the lines running from her nose to the corners of her mouth" and as a result of that effort, "she looks like a young Jessica Simpson!”

Please don't tell her that. We don't need that ego getting any bigger than it already is, or her taking this plastic surgery thing to unhealthy levels.

Remember Heidi Montag? Exactly.

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