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Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are on the rocks again, according to a new report, and it’s all because of a hot new artist named Jhene Aiko.

The aspiring model reportedly suspects the Ebola loving Chris Brown of cheating on her with another woman, and that person is allegedly Aiko.

“She recently accused him of being more than friends with Jhene because he’s been talking to her a lot and texting with her a lot,” a source says.

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“Now mind you,” the insider goes on, the two are recording together and “all the texts have been about her career and their song together [‘Drunk Texting’].”

That being said, the R&B singer actually has been going behind Kae’s back with Jhene … but only to ask him for advice on his romance with Tran!

“Chris has even been talking to her about life and how girls think. He’s even been talking to her about how he can be a better boyfriend,” the insider adds.


“His therapist told him it’s a good idea to talk to other people for a different perspective, [and so] he’s been doing that with Jhene and others too.”

Karrueche and Chris have an “open phone policy” so she has access to this, “but even still, it’s not enough. She slightly threatened,” the source says.

After he was finished talking about Ebola as population control, Chris seemed to comment on Karrueche’s feelings about Jhene in a new Instagram post:

“I don’t understand this s–t sometimes. Girls want a man all the other girls want, but then when they with the man, they get mad when all the other girls want him. The f–k?”

It’s a fair question. Hopefully Karrueche Tran gives him a break if this is all it’s about, not that we don’t get why she would be a little skeptical at times.

He is Chris Brown, after all. Not exactly reliable or stable.