Julia Roberts Divorce Story: Is It True??

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Out of ways to conjure up quotes about a fake Kim Kardashian divorce, Star Magazine has moved on...

... to a fake Julia Roberts divorce!

According to Star Magazine, Roberts and Danny Moder are on their way to a $225 million split because they are “fighting over money and kids” and because she treats her husband like an “errand boy.”

Oh, also because of this: "SHE'S A TOTAL PHONY!"

Julia Roberts Divorce Story

Roberts, of course, isn't exactly a celebrity gossip staple, so perhaps Star is thinking folks might actually believe the occasional story about her allegedly crumbly marriage.

And, who knows, maybe some people would.

Except that in the past few weeks alone, supermarket tabloids have claimed that Jennifer Aniston was dumped on her wedding day and that Beyonce has had enough and is planning a divorce from Jay-Z.

Despite the obviously true claim from a clearly real anonymous source that Moder wants "half" of Robert's fortune, we doubt we're the only ones who aren't falling for this cover allegation.

Nice try, Star!

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