Jimmy Kimmel Presents... Weather Patterns That Look Like Penises!

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Jimmy Kimmel likes to mock the weather in Los Angeles, especially when reporters FREAK OUT OVER THE RAIN.

On last night's edition of Jimmy Kimmel, however, the host prepared viewers for a forecast of sun, clouds and a definitely chance of.. male genitalia?!?

"There's actually someone at this show whose job it is to keep track of penis-shaped weather patterns," Kimmel told the audience. "His parents are very, very proud."

Kimmel then aired clips from Good Morning America and KCAL, among other shows and stations, which depicted meteorologists drawing penis-like shapes on their weather maps.

Why? Because penises are funny!

In other sexual snafu news, a CBS station unintentionally linked to a porn site in a tweet last week while reminding viewers to "use our interactive radar to track the rain and storms.

Really, that happened. 

Two photo galleries feel relevant in regard to Kimmel's awesome segment. On one, celebrities send photos of their junk to people who don't want it...

... in the other, we simply live at Jimmy Kimmel Live skits and sketches:

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