Jessa Duggar Questions Radiometric Dating, Believes Earth is Like 6,000 Years Old

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Jessa Duggar, if we're interpreting her social media accounts correctly, is skeptical of the radiometric dating methods used to determine the age of rocks on Earth.

Why has she taken an interest in this subject? Because it's one of the primary scientific methods cited by those people who believe evolution is actually a thing.

Jessa Duggar, apparently, is not one of those people.

Jessa D.

The 21-year-old, whose comments on abortion and the Holocaust made headlines last month, is sure to incur more online wrath now by merely posting a link.

She has been critical of Atheism and evolution before, so linking to a pro-creationism article titled "Does radiometric dating prove the earth is old?" isn't out of left field.

Still, it makes it plain as day where she stands here ...

The article points out supposed discrepancies in radiometric dating "proving" Earth is, in actuality, not several billion of years old. Just 6,000 approximately.

The conclusion of this "study" is as follows:

  • "The best way to learn about history and the age of the earth is to consult the history book of the universe ... the Bible."
  • "Many scientists and theologians accept a straightforward reading of Scripture and agree that the earth is about 6,000 years old."
  • "It is better to use the infallible Word of God for our scientific assumptions than to change His Word in order to compromise with 'science' that is based upon man’s fallible assumptions."
  • "True science will always support God’s Word."

Humans and dinosaurs lived together just a few thousand years ago, according to this analysis - who knew? - so don't even think about playing that card.

This site, for what it's worth, also says that cancer "reminds us of the brokenness, suffering, and mortality of creation in this age, all traceable back to Adam’s sin."

We like Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald and have enjoyed following their love story - soon to be made official at their November 1 wedding! - on TV and social media.

Part of their appeal is how they find peace and inner strength and religion, and how that drives them to lead a moral life that rejects many social norms.

It's admirable and pure in a way, especially in these crazy times.

Why do you think so many of us watch 19 Kids and Counting online and, even if we don't live like they do, find ourselves actually asking "What Would Jim Bob Do?"

That said, Jessa's pushing it here by advocating a random website whose singular goal is clearly to skew "science" so it conforms to what she wants to hear.

Pretending it's anything more than that is just kidding yourself.

Agree? Disagree? Hit the comments and let us know. We're willing and looking forward to hearing from people expressing all opinions on this weighty subject.

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