Jana Duggar Photos: Can We Court Her, Jim Bob? PLEASE?!

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Jana Duggar has been in the news a lot this week, and for controversial reasons completely separate from the typical coverage of her famous reality TV family.

The long and short of it? The 24-year-old Jana is single. That's it.

Plenty of 24-year-olds are. Taylor Swift is, and loving it. But this is the eldest daughter of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, which makes it stand out.

Jana Duggar seems like she would be a great catch by any measure.

Pretty, fun, sensible, kind, family-oriented and patient as a saint, she's all that a guy (who doesn't drink and doesn't mind side hugs until marriage) could want.

Those last two traits that may be her undoing romantically, though.

If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, or follow the family at all, you know that Jill Duggar, 23, is married and pregnant. Jessa Duggar, 21, is engaged.

Jana? She's overworked and still all by her lonesome. What gives?

She's either selfless and put upon or mistreated by her family and not allowed to date because she's forced to help raise the kids, depending on what you believe.

Recent episodes in particular have given rise to the latter theory.

Watching Jana work tirelessly prepare for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's wedding, while the other Duggars enjoyed the festivities, left a bad impression on some fans.

Her fatigue and disappointment was well-masked, but still palpable, and fueled reports that she is planning to break free from her family and start a life of her own.

We have no doubt she loves her siblings, but she also has 18 of them, 16 of which are younger. She's been acting like a de facto mom since she was a teen.

That's bound to take a toll on anyone, even a saint from heaven.

So scroll through the photos above to give Jana her due, long overdue as it is, and gaze upon this beautiful, overshadowed and maligned Duggar in all her glory.

Then join us as we say to Jim Bob, with all due respect:


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