Jana Duggar: Forced to Reward Jessa Duggar's Bad Behavior, Maligned From Young Age!

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Jana Duggar, the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame, isn’t getting married or being courted, as we know.

As a result, she doesn't get nearly as much camera time as Jessa or Jill Duggar when you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, adding to the intrigue.

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Many 19 Kids fans can't believe that the lovely, sweet and kind Jana Duggar isn't starting a family of her own, or even in the market to do so apparently.

Moreover, the 24-year-old appears exhausted by a lifetime of caring for the younger kids and generally being put upon by her parents and siblings alike.

She doesn’t have any social media accounts and some have even speculated that she is planning to break away from her famous family at some point.

Jana has the patience and temperament of a saint and is too nice to say a negative word about anyone, let alone one of her own family members.

The look on her face while prepping for Jill's wedding says it all, though, and in the book Growing Up Duggar, Jana has some interesting stories to tell.

According to Jana, she and Jessa Duggar, 2-3 years her junior, didn't get along as kids and their parents' solution was to make them share a bunk bed.

Jessa got the bottom bunk, and made the most of it, entertaining herself by kicking Jana’s bunk every night and laughing at her expense and discomfort.

Michelle Duggar's advice? Fight fire with ... kindness.

“Jana, if you really want your sister to be nice to you, make it a point to be nice to her, even when she’s mean to you,” Michelle advised her eldest girl.

So Jana gave Jessa one of her prized possessions, a jewelry box her parents had given her. In the book, she writes about how hard it was to do so:

“It was hard to think of giving away one of my most treasured possessions. especially to someone I wasn’t happy with," she recalls of that fateful day.

"But I tucked a few other childish but special-to-me things inside my jewelry box and I wrapped it up for her along with some candy."

"A little later, I told Jessa I had something to give her," Jana recalls, unveiling the special surprise. "I told her I loved her and handed her my gift.”

The long and short of it? Jessa Duggar’s bad behavior was rewarded, Jana had to give up something for the sake of someone else, and that was that.

Fast forward to the present day and Jana is still tasked with taking care of her younger brothers and sisters whenever her parents go out for a date night.

Jill and Jessa got to enjoy date nights of their own while they were being courted, while Jim Bob doesn't seem to be in a rush to find Jana a suitor.

Is she not allowed to date? It's unclear.

In any case, the situation has led some fans to nickname her “Cinderella Duggar,” and wonder if there's any end in sight to this unappreciated life of servitude.

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