Farrah Abraham Sells Sex Toys While Dressed as Queen Elsa

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It's been a gross day for celebrity sex toy shenanigans. First, Dean McDermott stopped by a sex shop while his wife was in the hospital for a nervous breakdown.

Now, in an apparent attempt to one-up that act of nastiness, Farrah Abraham has started selling plastic molds of her vagina while dressed as a beloved Disney character.

Farrah Abraham as Elsa

Yes, we already knew Farrah Abraham sells sex toys, but we didn't know she hawks her wares while dressed as Queen Elsa from Frozen.

Is this the grossest thing Farrah has done in her brief career as a porn star/Christian parenting guru? Not by a long shot, but it's still pretty gross. 

What's really surprising is that she still feels the need to show up to this sort of event (this particular shindig took place at the Hustler store in LA). Last we heard, Farrah earns $544,000 a year from stripping

Yes, that's over half a million a year all because she got knocked up as a teen and is now willing to take her clothes off for strangers.

We'll wait while you dry your tears with your bachelor's degree.

When you're done weeping, watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to see how it all began.

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