Farrah Abraham Lists Future Husband Criteria: You Gotta Have Faith (and Preferably Money)

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Fresh off her performance at a recent peep show, Farrah Abraham laid out the criteria for her future husband, and the girl knows just what she's after ...

Farrah Abraham Peep Show

We kid. As did she, we think, when she wrote that the male dancers taking part in the show she hosted have raised the bar in terms of what she expects.

In terms of actual qualities she looks for in men, Farrah says she only has two primary concerns these days, so any suitor had better be up for:

  1. Making money any way she can get it.
  2. Taking care of her daughter, Sophia.

She recently moved to Texas to satisfy both needs, getting away from her problems at home with her parents and booking a lucrative strip club gig.

Texas also boasts zero income tax. Holla!

Farrah Abraham has been often criticized for working in the adult industry while preaching that she is a Christian, but she sees no apparent contradiction.

Maybe God told her to do porn. Did you ever think about that, haters? Yeah. You got served. There's simple no refuting an air-tight point such as that.

Whether it's filming a Christian horror movie or writing Christian parenting books while moonlighting as a stripper, you can't shake Farrah's faith. You can't.

“If you know what faith is, and you truly try to understand the examples of God in the Bible and learn and reflect on them," says she who dabbles in businessmen.

"Just know I didn’t pick what I’m doing nor did I share the full details of how I got to be where I am, as you may judge in black and white from the outside."

“I let God lead my life and faith ... enough said.”

Farrah notes that Sophia is also getting homeschooled to ensure her safety, and to remained sheltered from the abuse that comes with being Farrah's daughter.

Noble? Misguided? Either way, sooner or later she's going to realize what mom does for a living, and it's not going to be pretty. Good thing mom's getting rich.

Psychiatrists aren't cheap.

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