Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: The Fallout

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Thursday night on TLC, Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 4 taught us a couple of interesting things about the rag tag band of refugees from Amish country.

Most notably, Matt and his marriage were back under the microscope ...

Picking up where things left off last week, Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 4 highlighted the rift within the group, stemming from Matt's shady unfaithfulness.

In the aftermath of his hookup, Matt told his wife about Miriam.

That did not go over well, as he'd fulfilled her worst nightmare.

In his mind, though, his wife maybe shouldn’t be quite so judgmental as she once cheated on him too ... but that sort of misses the point. By a mile.

They stayed together through that, and are expecting a baby now. He lied and strayed for kind of no reason. How does her affair really apply anymore?

While he only seems half apologetic, he did his best to make amends with the group, and specifically Miriam, to make sure they could go on together.

If you watch Breaking Amish online, though, you know that's wishful thinking, as drama seems to follow them wherever they go and whatever they do.

Vonda, for her part, had been doing better until receiving a text from back home that led to her calling up the bishop and giving her a piece of their mind.

There's Breaking Amish and then there's this. Intense.

You don't just stand up to a bishop, let alone like that.

While that was an intense moment, it was far from the last, as Matt came clean about how he was adopted by the Amish community and never felt like he belonged.

This guy has a lot of emotional baggage, clearly.

At a Bulgarian restaurant, things worsened for him as he learned that while he is of Bulgarian descent, most people who are have whiter skin than he.

The Gypsies on the other hand, have darker complexion, and are regarded as the lesser in their culture. All of this was a bit of a culture shock, honestly.

What turned things around was meeting and bonding with a gypsy Bulgarian, from whom Matt learned they have not lost touch with their past, or traditions.

Meanwhile, Miriam and Bates got into a fight at a club they all went to, and later, she told the gang that she may want return home sooner than later.

She misses her son and isn't having a great time in NYC and being around Matt is just weird ... and about to get weirder as his wife shows up for a surprise visit!

In all his apologizing and soul-baring earlier, Matt apparently failed to mention to the rest of the Breaking Amish crew that his spouse is also pregnant.

Matt? Meet doghouse, yet again.

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