Ben Seewald's Dad Defends Jessa Duggar, Says Her Critics Are "Hitler's Doppelgangers"

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Ben Seewald's father, Michael, is weighing in on some of the criticism Jessa Duggar recently endured, calling out the critics of his soon-to-be-daughter-in-law.

Specifically, he's calling the critics of 21-year-old Jessa "Hitler's Doppelgangers."

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Yes, he said that. So how'd we get to this point, you ask? Here's a refresher:

After visiting Washington, D.C., Jessa commented on the Holocaust on abortion in an Instagram essay that resulted in some pretty significant backlash.

The Duggars, as you know if you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, or read any celebrity news sites lately, are unabashedly religious and pro-life.

Jessa also believes Earth is 6,000 years old, but that's neither here nor there.

Well, she's marrying a young man in Ben Seewald that shares her convictions, as does his family. Michael Seewald proved this by going OFF on her detractors ...

"Bravo, Jessa, for daring to speak out against one of the great evils of our time even if it means that Hitler’s doppelgangers are enraged," Ben's father writes.

"Maybe this is why Rush Limbaugh calls radical feminists 'Femi-Nazis'."

Michael's full missive describes in detail how he believes that "abortion also is the extermination of a certain class of people deemed unworthy to live."

"The powers that be have legalized murder just as they did during the Holocaust. Any woman who chooses to may go to an abortion clinic and have her preborn baby violently killed."

"In Hitler’s Germany there was legal discrimination against Jews. In our society we may legally discriminate against our own children and eradicate them."

"Tell me how this is not the same thing."

Some many view statements such as godly, and vital in terms of speaking truth to power. Others may think of Seewald's rant as hate speech in and of itself.

Jessa Duggar, for her part, did not go nearly as far when lamenting the human rights atrocities she was so moved by when she visited the Holocaust museum.

The controversy isn't likely to wane anytime soon, whichever side you're on. As the criticism intensifies, the Duggars and their supporters keep digging in.

Will comments from Ben Seewald's family and the like hurt the popularity of the TLC family? Or only make fans more inclined to tune in, whether they agree or not?

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