19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 8 Recap: Duggars Get Glam For Jill's Wedding!

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19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 8 saw the Duggar girls go glam, in preparation for Jill's big wedding, which on the show is just six weeks away.

What did this endeavor entail for members of the enormous Arkansas family?

For Jill Duggar, it meant selecting five bridesmaids and one very special Maid of Honor. No, it wasn't Jessa Duggar ... but their older sister, Jana Duggar!

Their first stop was a hair salon, to try out some different hairstyles and makeup in preparation for the big day. Did we mention it's just six weeks out?!

Jill is far from a bridezilla, of course, in keeping with her humble and modest roots, and Derick Dillard reveals he likes her her best natural and curly.

Yup, their heads are in the right places, 1,000-person wedding and all.

That's not to say the Duggars don't look amazing with their hair and makeup done on 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 8. They really do.

But it's great to see something like this doesn't change who they are.

They're not too different from any other bridal party, either, as Jessa Duggar chimes in that she would love something that she can wear again one day.

Said about every bridesmaid dress in the history of ever. Rarely true.

Per Duggar family rules, of course, we're going to need "neck to the knees" coverage, even if that means bringing in shawls to help with that task.

Among the things banned by the Duggars? Showing a lot of skin.

When Jessa finds the perfect one, Jana is sure her seamstress skills can make it fit their needs. Best of all, they spent only $30 per item there (!?) ...

Down in Washington, D.C., meanwhile, the married Josh and Anna Duggar are still focusing on developing a more healthy lifestyle for their family.

Josh’s trainer made an appearance in the District and Anna's friend Heather served as cooking instructor in a classic B-story reality show plot.

The kids may not love all the new veggies on their plates, but you'll see healthier ones the next time that you watch 19 Kids and Counting online.

Back in Arkansas, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have decided to gift Jill and Derick with the Stoney Brook House, a property the couple owns.

Scripted or not, 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 9, which immediately followed Episode 8, focused a lot on this task for the fam to check off.

They bought the house to renovate and resell it, but decided they would let Jill and Derick live there until it's finished and can sell to a new owner.

In typical fashion, Jim Bob has his young sons learn the "trade" of putting carpet down while helping out the contractor, a good lesson even if it's a disaster.

Hey, you gotta learn somehow and start from somewhere.

In D.C., Josh, Anna and their kids plan a handmade baby gift for the newlyweds: A Nepal-themed mobile, in honor of where Jill and Derick met in person.

Anna starts dreaming of baby #4. Uh oh ...

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