15 Best Fight Club Quotes: We're Breaking Rules One and Two!

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Fifteen years ago today, David Fincher's Fight Club hit theaters. A dark, quirky adaptation of a novel by a little known author, the film received solid reviews on its release, but industry analysts predicted it wouldn't make much of a splash with audiences.

In a sense they were right - Fight Club did modest business at the box office, but in the years since, it's gone on to spawn catchphrases, t-shirts, and probably hundreds of poorly-thought-out senior theses from scholarshipped linebackers.

Yes, thanks to strong online buzz, a film that was originally marketed as a bro'd-out kick flick in the vein of early Vin Diesel movies, quickly gained a reputation as a smart, scathing send-up of consumer culture and the sad state of the modern man.

It's hard to overstate what an unexpected turnaround this was in the days before Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix, but it's safe to say we'll likely never again see such a surprise groundswell of support catapult a film from forgotten footnote to cult classic:

Within days of the film's release, a small network of fans began to eagerly exchange theories, thoughts, and favorite quotes on IMDB message boards and primitive fan sites.

Local fight clubs sprung up around the country, giving thousands of idiots an excuse to punch each other.

Most importantly, director David Fincher and author Chuck Palahniuk became household names and both continue to enjoy the adoration of slavishly devoted fanbases to this day.

(Fincher is expected make his third trip to the Academy Awards this year thanks to his work on the critically-adored Gone Girl.)

So in honor of the 15th anniversary of the bromance between Tyler Durden and the Narrator, check out our gallery of the most memorable lines from a film full of quotable and darkly hilarious dialogue.

Oh, and today only, feel free to violate the cardinal rules and talk about Fight Club. Rest in peace, B-tch Tits Bob.

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