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Taylor Hatala is back!

And, perhaps, even better than ever.

This 11-year old dancing sensation – who first rose to viral fame by shaking it up to Anaconda online – is now moving and grooving to Meghan Trainor’s smash single "All About That Bass."

She’s joined by professional choreographer Matt Steffanina, with whom Hatala has been working for about a year, in the following footage… which is totally and completely amazing.

Taylor Hatala. Remember that name. You’ll be hearing it a whole lot in the years to come.

11-Year Old Dances to

Pretty impressive, no? We could watch this over and over and over. (Okay, you got us. We already have.)


"All About That Bass," of course, is an anthem dedicated to large rear ends and how Trainor is proud of hers.

Along those lines, here’s a montage of famous, beloved celebrity butts. Enjoy!