Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 21 Recap: Who's Bi-Polar?! Call My Doctor!

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On Wednesday's Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 21, "Cabin Fever" set in for the cast. Jenelle Evans' issues seem to go way beyond that, however.

While the episode kicked off with Nathan Griffith, Jenelle's baby-daddy-to-be, and her mother Barbara smoothing things over, the detente was short-lived.

Jenelle and Barbara Evans decide to have a girls day at the spa, which sounds great until it devolves into a discussion of her little boy Jace’s behavior.

The pregnant Evans mentions that after her second son, Kaiser, is born she can have custody of Jace again. Barbara is open to the idea, but skeptical.

Yes, Jenelle is turning her life around and is light years away from her darkest period, but she and Nathan still have epic fights, and two kids? Tough.

Later in the episode, Jenelle picks up Jace from Barbara, who is at the end of her rope with the kid's bad behavior. Mother and daughter get into a huge fight.

Babs reveals that she thinks Jace is bi-polar, and that Jenelle is also bi-polar. Jenelle denies being "f--king bi-polar" and tells Barbara to call her doctor.

Yikes. These two screaming at each other has been a recurring theme over the years, but it never ceases to amaze. You can't script this kind of thing.

Babs tells Jenelle to take Jace and get out (maybe she's rethinking the custody trepidation already?) but at least the Carolina Hurricane gets some good news:

Her divorce from Courtland Rogers has been made official, and she has her legal name back. Congrats to Jenelle Evans! See ya, Jenelle Rogers!

Oh, right, there are three other young women whose lives are chronicled if you watch Teen Mom 2 online. Sometimes, Jenelle drama has a way of taking over ...

Leah Messer surprises everyone - fans, friends and family alike - when she decides to take legal action against her ex, Corey Simms. For what reason?

To obtain the rights to controlling their health insurance ... and request more child support. Corey is not happy, but he also had this one coming.

Had he done a better (or even adequate) job in charge of Ali’s health insurance, she might have a wheelchair by now and he wouldn't be going to court.

Elsewhere, Javi Marroquin finally returns home to his wife, Kailyn Lowry, and the boys, Isaac, 4, and Lincoln, after being away with the Air Force for a month.

It was tough on Kailyn. Really tough. But seeing the boys' reaction to his return and hearing her talk about how she persevered was pretty wonderful.

There is nothing wonderful about Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska. When he takes their daughter, Aubree, for the weekend, she can't help but worry.

Still, she plans some quality time with her friends, while four-year-old Aubree gets to spend time with her baby sister, Paislee, and Adam’s new girlfriend.

Not Taylor Halbur. His second baby mama has been booted as well and another blonde girl is dating Adam now. to the curb and has a new blonde girl in tow.

The new girl seems to do really well with the girls, and Adam at least seems like he cares, which is a plus. Too bad it's such a surprise, but it's something.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and her friends talk at the Houska family cabin, fishing and fantasizing about the “dream” boyfriends they would like to date.

In Chelsea's case, that may be dating Halbur's boyfriend after Lind dumped her. Though she says being a mom makes it hard to date anyone seriously.

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