Talk Like a Pirate Day: 7 Pop Culture Pirates to Help You CeleARRGH-brate in Style!

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Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day - although, you've probably already figured that out from the many horrible pun-based jokes in your Facebook feed.

(Our personal favorite: What kind of movies do pirates like? Rated Arrgh!)

Despite the lame gags it inspires, the holiday has special meaning year, as pirates have gotten a bad rap lately.

Whether is's the Somali baddies terrorizing Captain Philips, or the far less terrifying HBO-foes pirating Game of Thrones, the mere mention of the P-word is enough to shiver anyone's timbers these days.

So we've decided to put together a list of the good, the bad, and the peg-legged to help remind you why the world fell in love with pirates in the first place.

Sure, Johnny Depp's swaggering, Keith Richards-inspired Captain Jack Sparrow helped kick off the pirate craze back in 2003, but even though that series has grown stale (if you haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean 4 yet, don't bother), there's still plenty to love about the badasses of the high seas.

So check out the gallery above to relive some of the great pirate moments from the past thirty years of pop culture.

Just remember: proper pirate appreciation is both a science, and an arrrrrt.

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