Reggie Bush on Disciplining One-Year-Old Daughter: I Try Not to Leave Bruises!

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As the NFL slowly becomes nothing more than a safe place where young men can put on helmets to keep from being recognized by their mug shots, we look to the players who haven't been arrested for assaulting women or children hoping to find some insight and actual human compassion.

What we get instead is a whole lot of ignorant BS being spewed in interviews and on Twitter:

Reggie Bush Daughter

Granted, many current and former players spoke out in the wake of the Ray Rice scandal and expressed their beliefs that the Ravens RB should be banned from the league.

Similarly, Vikings legend and ESPN commentator Cris Carter gave a heartfelt speech about the horrors of violence against kids after Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse.

Sadly, however, some of the NFL's most recognized stars don't realize that the only acceptable response to finding out one of your co-workers physically attacked his wife or child is, "Why is dude not in prison?"

For example, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster recently expressed his belief that Peterson is being persecuted for "political" reasons.

And then there's Reggie Bush...

If you're not a football fan, you might best remember Bush for dating Kim Kardashian on and off for several years. After reading the quote below, however, you'll probably just always think of him as an astonishingly bad father:

"I have a one-year-old daughter and I discipline her," Bush said in a recent radio interview. "I definitely will try to - will obviously not leave bruises or anything like that on her. But I definitely will discipline her harshly depending on what the situation is."

It's okay, everyone! Reggie Bush doesn't leave bruises when his one-year-old daughter?!

To provide some context for that infuriating drivel - Bush was expressing his belief that it's unfair that Peterson was deactivated by the Vikings, because apparently leaving giant welts on a 4-year-old's legs and genitals shouldn't interfere with your ability to play football.

The NFL, everyone! In case you were wondering, yes, you're fully justified in disbanding your fantasy league in disgust at this point.

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