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Those sounds you just heard were Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 2 taking story straight from real life for its second installment of its opening season.

The installment, after all, was titled "Another Benghazi."

Watch Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 2 Online
Watch Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 2 Online

It opened on a family breakfast that gets interrupted by gunfire. We then see Jack Wellington (the American Ambassador in Yemen) look out the window and spot protestors gathering, waving signs and guns.

Cut to Elizabeth McCord, who worries the unrest will only worsen and who wants the Ambassador to return stateside, but he refuses to do so.


Elizabeth asks for for military support to protect the Ambassador, yet gets denied by the President. The same goes for her request to remove him from Yemen.

While Elizabeth is attempting to find a solution to avoid this becoming, yes, another Benghazi, another problem crops up for the Secretary of State: her oldest daughter gets arrested.

This is naturally front page news, as the media wonder why the public was unaware Stephanie "Stevie" McCord even existed until now.

Tensions among the McCords escalate when Stevie actually leaves college. After a lot of back and forth, Elizabeth and Henry agree this daughter can take a year off from school… if she finds a job, that is.

Elizabeth then decide to hire a private security firm to protect  Wellington, despite having written a scathing article comparing private security to Satan’s army just a year prior.

From there, a team of 50 men arrive in Yemen and quiet the protestors with a major show of force as they order these folks to their knees.

Wellington speaks with Elizabeth (via video conference) to tell her that all is fine – but halfway through their conversation, we hear is a loud bang. The signal is lost. The embassy has been bombed. This is not good at all.

Afraid of the worst, McCord confers with the President and key members of his Cabinet, including the owner of the aforementioned private security firm. Fortunately, the private security team did its job and saved the Ambassador.

Finally able to relax at home after a crazy series of events, Elizabeth thinks about her former CIA colleague, George. When asked by Stevie how he was killed, Elizabeth hesitates briefly and then fudges the truth. She says it was just a car accident. 

We know differently, of course.

What did you think of this Madam Secretary episode? As some have accused, do you think the series is nothing but Hillary Clinton propaganda, especially after airing an installment that mentions Benghazi?

Go watch Madam Secretary online and sound off on this hot button topic now.