Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: About That Mimi Sex Tape ...

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On part three of the three-part Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion specual, the cast members exchanged parting shots as we bid farewell to an explosive season.

If you watch Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta online or read any gossip items on a regular basis, you know that one storyline dominated much of the season:

The Mimi Faust sex tape, co-starring Nikko Smith and one industrial-grade shower rod, sparked more online chatter and buzz than ever before.

Nikko, the consensus seems to be, is a liar and manipulator who can't be trusted. The story about his secret marriage certainly boosts this theory.

He sticks to his story that he did not leak the tape, but if anyone's buying what he's selling (and we don't mean the shower sex video) ... it's lost on us.

Meanwhile, Karlie Redd admitted to recording a tape with Young Joc, but said she wouldn't leak the tape for money ... only out of spiteful revenge.

Alright then. Later we catch up with Stevie J, Joseline, Benzino and Althea - separately - one week after the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight.

We almost saw an encore on the Reunion Part 3.

During VH1's sit-down with Benzino and Althea, the magazine honcho actually lashed out physically at the show’s executive producer Stefan Springman.

Cooler heads eventually, and barely, prevailed. Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were asked about their marriage and somehow stick to their story.

These two are really professional at lying, although to his credit, Stevie J agreed with many of his co-stars regarding Joseline and her obvious issues.

They may be fake married, but his concern for her certainly looks real at this moment in time. For her part, Joseline scoffs at the idea of anger management.

She’s calmed down immensely since Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 1, she maintains, which makes us want to go back and watch those old episodes.

She also shot down the rumors of being on crack during the reunion fight, stating that she smokes some weed and that's it. As for Stevie and Zino?

That relationship may be cracked for good.

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