Kylie Jenner Grabs Crotch, Dances Inappropriately on Instagram

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Last week, we learned that Kylie Jenner is obsessed with Instagram - news that shocked absolutely no one.

Kylie posts constant selfies and has millions of followers on the photo sharing site.

But sometimes, it seems that even the Jenner sisters' most loyal followers get sick of their near nudity and age-inappropriate attire so she steps it up a bit.

That's why Kendall Jenner posted a topless smoking photo. And it's why Kylie uploads videos like the one below:

Kylie posts dancing clips fairly frequently, but usually she doesn't tug at her clothes and crotch while she's showing off her moves. 

So yeah, it looks like both Jenner girls are starting to get desperate. We just hope Kylie will take a page from Kendall's book and wait until she's 18 before she takes thing too far.

Kylie and Kendall revealed their new "selfie t-shirts" just last week, so it's a crucial time for keeping fans interested in their Instagram pages. 

After all, you can't have no apparent talents and a boring IG page and expect people to shell out for a shirt with your face on it. That would be ridiculous!

Check out the gallery below for some of Kylie's most memorable (and shockingly inappropriate) Instagram moments:

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