Kylie Jenner Celebrates 12 Million Instagram Followers With (What Else?) a Selfie!

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As the debate about Kylie Jenner's lip injections rages on, the Instagram Queen is brushing off the haters and showing love to her many, many followers. Her twelve million followers them, to be exact.

Yes, Kendall reached the astonishing number of online fans earlier this week, and she celebrated by  - you guessed it - posting a mostly age-inappropriate selfie!

Kylie Jenner Bra Strap Photo

"I can't believe I reached 12 mill! I [heart] y'all," Kylie wrote just before posting the above of herself rockin' an exposed bra strap and a t-shirt with the title of a video game that came out ten years before she was born. (You feel old now! Muahaha!)

Kylie is obsessed with Instagram by her own admission, so it stands to reason that she'd be pretty pumped about reaching such an impressive milestone.

But we've got to admit - we're a little disappointed by her method of celebration:

Kylie posts photos of herself literally every day. There's nothing exciting about that. Kim Kardashian is publishing a book of selfies! Now that's taking narcissism to a new level!

As we know, Kylie says she know how to take the perfect selfie, so why not publish her findings in book form like her big sister?

We know she's young but with how quickly things move on the Internet, selfies will probably be yesterday's news in no time!

Remember when everyone was taking pictures of their food? Next week we might go back to cats or something!

All we're saying is, capitalize on your vanity while you can, Kylie. Look how well it worked out for your sisters!

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