Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick: Back on Good Terms and Playing House?

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It looks like things are good in the land of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick again, despite a summer of tumult for the parents of two, soon to be three.

Scott Hollers

The two of them were spotted shopping for furniture over the weekend, appearing happy as can be (at least by their standards ... see the below gallery).

Previously, we reported that Scott was looking for his own place, and that the longtime couple was on the verge of a split due to Disick's partying.

Now, however, he appears to have righted the ship. For now.

Most relationships do ebb and flow to a degree, and Scott has been through a lot, losing both his parents and learning he's going to be a third-time dad.

But is he motivated more by money and fame than love?

Disick was reportedly told by Kourtney to go to rehab or hit the bricks. He has not done so, to our knowledge, despite his issues with alcohol.

Ready to Move In!

Still, here he is, back in her good graces. He must've done something right, because he got his act together just when we thought it looked bleak.

While we are not trying to suggest that he doesn't love the big sister of Kim Kardashian or the couple's family, he does seem to get away with a lot.

It's possible that she was never on the verge of kicking Scott to the curb for good, no matter what the tabloid reports and TV clips might insinuate.

He was skating on thin ice, however, being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning and going off the rails (see trailer for Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons).

Whatever happened, and whatever made him cool it and come to his senses after a downward spiral for the ages, he has apparently done so.

For now. With these two, one never quite knows what to think:

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