Kendra Wilkinson Sent Son Away With Cheating Husband Hank Baskett: Why?!

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Learning that Hank Baskett cheated on her with a transsexual was brutal enough, but Kendra Wilkinson says the aftermath of the scandal was harder still.

Sorry, may have cheated. Neither Kendra or Hank of publicly confirmed his alleged mutual hand job session with Ava London, although Ava has. Often.

Previews for Season 3 of WeTV's Kendra on Top certainly make it look like Hank confessed it to Wilkinson, though, because she is ... well, a Baskett case.

Kendra is On Top

Hank messing around with a woman with a penis? Pretty shocking, but trying to shield their son, Hank IV, 4, from the backlash was what really tore her up.

"When the news broke, I flipped on Hank and told him to get out of the house," she tells People. "But then I allowed him to come back and get Little Hank."

"Because we knew there was going to be this s--t storm. I had to calm down and really just think logically and figure out what the right thing to do was."

She asked Hank Baskett to take Little Hank to his parents' house in New Mexico.

"I was like, you need to take him and just hide out for a while," she says, noting with obvious irony that "I felt I just gave my son away to a man who'd cheated on his family."

Still, because she had to stay at home with the couple's five-week-old daughter, Alijah Mary, now four months old, Kendra says she was out of options.

"It was so gross to me, but I knew in the back of my mind that he's a great father, and is the only one who could protect his son," says Wilkinson.

"If I took him to preschool, to the movies, I would not feel safe. Giving Little Hank to Hank to go to New Mexico was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life."

But, Kendra adds, "if he'd stayed here, he'd have been hounded."

Even more agonizing was waiting to be reunited with the boy.

"Hank never told me, 'Oh, I'm coming back next week,'" she says. "I was alone with Alijah and wanted my son back, but didn't want to do something to hurt Little Hank."

She didn't want to "use him as a tug-of-war item. I had to just allow him to think he was just visiting grandma and grandpa. It was the right thing to do."

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