Kendra Wilkinson Confronts Hank Baskett in Ridiculously Scripted Kendra on Top Promo

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WE tv has released a new, utterly ridiculous promo for Kendra on Top.

It features Kendra Wilkinson confronting Hank Baskett over his alleged affair with a transgender model named Ava London and it once again raises the question:

Come on... did this affair really happen?!?

There's the report that Kendra and Hank have been spotted out on vacation together, believing they were not being photographed and acting totally happy and in love.

There's the latest rumor that Wilkinson and Baskett are 100 percent back together.

And there's the fact that Kendra and company want viewers to believe that Baskett just happened to cheat on her in time for the premiere of her reality show.

Both this trailer and the first Kendra on Top promo center entirely on this scandal, giving a storyline to a series that otherwise would have been about a woman whose only famous because she slept with Hugh Hefner many years ago.

Not exactly the stuff of strong ratings.

In the above footage, Kendra asks Hank how he could have slept with someone else (while she was eight months pregnant!), to which he responds that he "didn't do anything" and then she follows up with:

"Did you think about your family before you did what do you did?"

Kendra's own (estranged) mother has cast doubt on Baskett cheating, joining the chorus who think this couple simply conjured up a tale of infidelity to better sell their reality series.

Think Wilkinson and Baskett would stoop that low? We wouldn't put it past them, though we do wonder:

Why make Hank's mistress transgender in that case?!? We suppose it does add to the fake drama.

Kendra on Top premieres on Friday, October 3. Will you be tuning in for it?

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