Kendall Jenner: Topless and Smoking on Instagram!

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Just like her elder half sisters, Kendall Jenner really, really loves attention.

Unfortunately, you can only get publicly naked for the first time, once and Kendall Jenner nude photos are old hat at this point. So she's gotta get creative if she wants to keep her Instagram followers happy.

Khloe Kardashian takes photos with guns already, so Kendall went with a different controversial, potentially deadly prop to elicit WTF!? reactions from her fans:

Kendall Jenner Naked, Smoking

Yes, that's Kendall topless, smoking a cigarette.

She's 18, so she's free to do as she pleases with regard to nudity and tobacco, but even so, you might expect someone with as large of a youth following as Kendall's to avoid posting pics that basically scream, "Smoking is cool!!!"

You've gotta hand it to Kendall, though. She definitely has a knack for shock value.

It was just last week that we learned Kendall might be cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel ,and already she's found a way to do astonish us even more!

Hopefully she can put down the smokes so that she'll live long enough to stun the world in new and less lethal ways.

Take a trip down inappropriate memory lane with our gallery of Kendall's most baffling and revealing Instagram photos below:

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