Kendall Jenner Throws Shade at Feminism: Women Don’t Know What They Want!

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Over the past few months, various famous women have declared themselves to be feminists.

A little while ago, Miley Cyrus said she's a feminist because tells women "not to be scared of anything."

Taylor Swift, meanwhile, also claims to be a true feminist... as she takes "a feminist stance without actually saying so."

But Kendall Jenner appears to have a very different stance from her fellow famous female, posting the following message on Instagram a few days ago and writing as a caption to it:

"Sounds about right."

Kendall Jenner Slams Feminism

Considering the recent, controversial Kendall Jenner nude photo (also on Instagram), it's not exactly shocking that this 18-year old isn't a leading advocate of women's equality.

But this still feels like an odd viewpoint to make public, doesn't it?

A lot of women would say they do, indeed, know what they want... starting with teenagers NOT posing in their birthday suits online for millions of men to ogle.

Jenner may wanna stick to inappropriate photo publishing instead of taking stances on hot button political issues. We are just saying.

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