Kendall Jenner Rocks Runway at New York Fashion Week!

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Kendall Jenner may be going by just "Kendall" for her modeling gigs these days, in an attempt to distance herself from her family, but that only goes so far.

The 18-year-old's confident runway strut serves as an instant reminder of the fashion-forward, selfie-obsessed reality TV clan that made her famous:

Yes, the new Kendall Jenner nude photo got more attention than Kim Kardashian naked in GQ, and KJ is landing coveted catwalk gigs just months after going pro.

She may not have the famous last name (or any last name, if she has something to say about it), but there's no denying that Kendall is every bit a Kardashian.

Kendall repped for desgner Diane Von Furstenberg at NYC Fashion Week over the weekend, alongside modeling legends like Naomi Campbell.

She's so in her element that it would be hard to pick Kendall out of the lineup... if we didn't know her face so well from thousands of Instagram selfies.

In any case, it's good to see Kendall ditching the artsy couture stuff in favor of something that non-model human beings might actually wear in public.

Of course, if the backlash from Kendall's nude pic this weekend is any indication, a lot of people are happy to see Kendall wearing anything at all. 

Check out our gallery below for more of Kendall's most shocking photos:

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