Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 20 Recap: Kim West's Road to the Altar!

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 20, or part two of the season finale, we chronicle Kim's once in a lifetime journey to the altar.

Or once every few seasons, as she's currently averaging.

Whether you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online, on TV or even just read the tabloids, you know Kim married Kanye West this year.

You also know it was an epic European affair, with no expense spared. On the season finale, we finally got to see what went on behind the scenes.

It's five days before the wedding and Kendall and Kylie Jenner arrive for fittings. Kim can tell that all of her sisters (and her mom) don’t like their dresses.

Determined to make sure her friends and family have a good time and aren't caught up in a total media circus, Kim takes Jonathan Cheban to the Eiffel Tower.

Scott Disick is totally overwhelmed by the paparazzi in Paris. Rob Kardashian is too, but he's taking it even harder than Lord D in a bit of foreshadowing.

Kim’s friend Lorraine Schwartz decides to host a dinner for Kim's friends and family. Everyone reminisces about Kim and the first time they met 'Ye.

Kim admits that the first time she ever talked to Kanye on the phone, they talked for eight hours, even though she was with someone else back then.

Lorraine says Kanye claimed he was going to marry Kim five years ago before they even knew each other, which is either really romantic or stalkerish.

It's a thin line between those two things, as the old saying goes.

With just 24 hours to go, the tension is running high between designers, planners and even the happy couple ... who drop a bomb on their guests:

Kanye and Kim tell everyone they're flying from Paris to Florence in the morning because that is where the wedding will actually be. OMG what?

Khloe Kardashian is so hung over, she can barely function.

The guys arrive in Italy in slightly better shape than Kim's little sister (who is falling asleep while getting her makeup done, so that's not saying a lot).

But there's been a big twist the bride never saw coming.

While Jonathan Cheban and her friends all made it fine, Scott reveals that Rob bailed on Kim's wedding. Instead, he flew back to L.A. by his lonesome.

When Rob flew to Paris, he read some of the very mean comments about himself online, so he decided that he couldn’t go through with the wedding.

Kim is upset, but a little distracted at the moment.

Not just by Kylie’s blue hair (which she decides to let slide) or her full length veil (possible safety issue). She's about to become Mrs. Yeezus, baby!

As the organ begins playing, the make-up team adds its last touches and pins her veil down as Kim walks down the aisle for the third and hopefully final time.

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