Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 19 Recap: Kim Spurns Brody, Kourt Blindsides Scott

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On Sunday's part one of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians season finale, Scott finally learns that he got Kourtney Kardashian pregnant again.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian tells Bruce that she just wants to get this wedding over with ... so she and 'Ye can work on getting her pregnant again.

We also finally got a little back story, or at least what the E! show is planning on presenting, when it comes to Brody Jenner skipping Kim's wedding.

Kim feels bad this is "such a small ceremony" and that she can't give Brody a plus-one because she doesn't even know the girl he's dating currently.

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian feels ugly and hasn't even said if he's going.

If you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online or on TV, you know these stories have been building (in the tabloids as well as on the program).

Now it's time to see what really went on behind the scenes for the family.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner talk to their publisher about their book Rebels: City of Indra and how they will have to really push it on social media for it to succeed.

These two youngsters push just about anything on Instagram these days.

Kim meets up with Kendall and Kylie and takes them to her next dress fitting, where they are dying to see the Givenchy dress that Kim is raving about.

The bride to be feels this is the most beautiful dress she has ever seen.

At Kourtney and Scott’s house, she's packing for a trip when she nonchalantly (almost) drops the bomb that she is pregnant with their third child.

Scott's reply? “You just keep suckering me in to all of these kids!”

He's clearly not happy that she's known for weeks; Scott breaks the news to Khloe that Kourtney is pregnant later on, as she hadn't told her either.

Scott says he is “holding on by a string” and has no idea how they are ever going to take care of or travel with three kids ... Khloe tells him to chillax bruh.

Tensions rise between Kim and Brody, who Kim says has pushed her to her "snapping point" because she is tired of Brody talking smack about Kris.

Brody Jenner is upset that Kris is paying for Brandon Jenner’s trip, while Kim won’t let him bring his girlfriend to the wedding. This is getting awkward.

Kourtney decides to break the news to Kris and Kim that she is pregnant, and she's afraid Scott is going to lose it in Mexico where he's headed for work.

Kim's bridal shower arrives and it's a surprisingly huge event; Kris, Kourtney, and Khloe all take the stage and give speeches about the wonderful couple.

Scott stumbles in after an epic bender, after which Kourtney scolds him that he has a family and can’t just come and goes as he pleases, making everyone worry.

Kourtney later reveals to her mom that she wants to send Scott away to work on his issues with depression and alcohol, and she was on the right track.

As we know, Scott Disick was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, even though their summer stint in the Hamptons was supposed to be more relaxing for him.

The fact that both of his parents recently died on Long Island doesn't make things easier for him, although he and Kourt do bond over a nice talk about them.

Kourtney and Scott tell Kylie that they are having another baby, Scott tells Kylie that she should double up on birth control so that she doesn’t get pregnant.

They tell her not to tell Kendall, who is homesick and living out of a suitcase pursuing her modeling career, because they want to tell her in person.

Brody tells Bruce he couldn't care less about the wedding, but clearly that's false. Brody says that Brandon and Leah are going and that's all anyone cares about.

As Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 19 concludes, Kris sees Kim off to Paris for the big wedding. To be continued next week ...

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