Kanye West Was a Demanding Douche in Australian Hospital, Literally No One is Shocked

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Before a performance in Australia earlier this week, Kanye West was hospitalized for "severe" migraines.

He recovered quickly and managed to perform that night as scheduled. By while his resilience pleased thousands of ticket-holding fans, his insanely obnoxious behavior at the hospital pissed off more than a few ailing Aussies.

Kanye West: The Yeezy Shrug

"I was prepped and waiting for my MRI," said one patient. "When suddenly [Kanye's] doctor, followed by security came into the MRI ward and demanded that everyone be cleared out."

Kanye reportedly refused to wait or fill out forms. But instead of issuing his demands himself, he had his security team harass the hospital staff, to the point that one nurse complained she was too "flustered" to effectively do her job:

“There were six security guards adding to the pressure and despite them saying they had rules to follow, his doctor was not taking no for an answer."

Kanye's doctor reportedly shouted continuously about "the privacy situation," and eventually demanded that one wheelchair-bound patient be wheeled away from Kanye's vicinity.

Wow. Has Yeezy actually found a new rock bottom? We knew Kanye was a jerk to lawyers, but doctors and hospital patients? It'll be hard to top himself this time.

Really the only question remaining is: Kanye West - huge douche bag, or the hugest douche bag?

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