Justin Bieber Prepares Organic Chicken, Makes Like Food Network Star

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Great. Like women needed another reason to fall in love with Justin Bieber.

It turns out this superstar isn’t just a sensational singer who can play various instruments and who looks great with his shirt off. He can also cook!

Or at least he can post videos to Instagram of himself in the kitchen, playing with a knife and talking in an accent.

Captioning the footage with a simple “Lol chef bieber,” the artist is seen below whipping up some "organic chicken breasts," as it starts to become clearer and clearer why Selena Gomez just can't say no to Bieber.

What female can turn down a guy that cooks?!?

Bieber and Gomez, meanwhile, are very much back together.

Neither side has said anything publicly, though both Justin and Selena have posted various images of each other to their social media accounts.

Moreover, Justin was actually deposed by an attorney earlier this month (in relation to a lawsuit filed against the artist by a paparazzo who claimed he was the victim of an assault) and confirmed his Gomez relationship when asked about Selena.

So there you have it. These two are an item again.

And if they want to avoid media scrutiny this time around, they can always just stay in for a meal... cooked by Bieber!

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