Justin Bieber Arrest: Did He Violate His Probation?

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Stop us if you've heard this one before:

Justin Bieber is in serious trouble with the law.

The singer was arrested Friday in Canada after getting into an accident with another vehicle while riding his ATV, with the police investigation revealing "that after colliding, the driver of the ATV and an occupant of the minivan engaged in a physical altercation."

The driver of the ATV, of course, was Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber, Peace Sign

We can also confirm that the minivan driver was a photographer and that Bieber is due in Canadian court later this month.

Chances are strong that he won't receive a major punishment for this incident on its own, but remember:

Bieber is on probation after reaching a plea bargain in his egging case. Authorities in Los Angeles have contacted those Ontario and are collecting information that will help determine Justin's fate.

Probation officers have 30 days to notify the court of an alleged violation and, if it is determined that Bieber DID, in fact, violate his previous court terms via this arrest, he could go to jail.

He sort of belongs there for a bit, don't you think?

Bieber was riding his ATV while spending time late last week with Selena Gomez. Both he and his fellow singer have been cooperating with local police, we're told.

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