Jessa Duggar Visits Creationist Museum, Bashes Evolution and Atheism on Instagram

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Earlier today, we learned about the Duggar family's dating rules and the many (many) things that are banned from their household for religious reasons.

It's easy to look at Michelle and Jim Bob's unusual way of living and feel pity for their 19 kids (and counting!), but it seems the Duggar kids don't have the sense that they're missing out on anything.

Sure, they've been denied simple, harmless pleasures like going to the beach and celebrating Halloween, but in the place of childhood fun they got... well, a whole bunch of wacky nonsense.

Ya know, like the kind you find on Jessa Duggar's Instagram page:

Jessa Duggar Creationism Post
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald in DC

As you can see, Jessa and fiance Ben Seewald have been doing a bit of traveling lately.

They stopped in DC and visited the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, which is a museum in the same way that Disney World is a museum of mice who wear pants.

In other words, it's got a bunch of stuff that some people consider fun to look at, but that doesn't have anything to do with real life or scientific facts.

Along with the above photo that explains how Jesus made raptors or something, Jessa posted a caption reading:

"If there really was a worldwide flood (as the Bible speaks of), what would the evidence be? Billions of dead things, laid down by water, buried all over the earth. And that's exactly what we find."

Well that explains everything! Eat it, science! 

But yes, sadly Jessa actually believes that the earth is only 6 thousand years old and people coexisted with dinosaurs, a la The Flintstones.

Jessa also posted a quote about atheism that defines it as, "The belief that there was nothing and then nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason."

Of course, it would be very easy come up with an equally dismissive take-down of pretty much any belief system you can name.

To do so, however, would be to expose your own ignorance and demonstrate an astonishing lack of respect for other people's convictions and experiences.

Obviously, to do something that stupid, you'd have to be the kind of person who thinks your ancestors rode brontosauruses to work.

Anyway, watch 19 Kids and Counting online at TV Fanatic for more science lessons, Duggar-style.

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