Jessa Duggar Uses the Holocaust to Attack Abortion, Evolution

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Yeah, she went there. 

Just one day after Jessa Duggar bashed evolution and atheism on Instagram, she returned to the social media site to express an even more controversial view.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald in DC

Jessa, 21, and fiance Ben Seewald, 19, are in DC at the moment, and according to her page they recently paid a visit to the US Holocaust Museum.

The future Mrs. Seewald was clearly moved by the experience, and with good reason. The museum brings to vivid life one of the most horrific tragedies in human history.

Unfortunately, and all too predictably, the emotions that Jessa experienced at the museum inspired an lengthy, impassioned defense of her various political causes and religious convictions.

None of which - at least as most people probably see it - have anything to do with the millions of lives lost in concentration camps in Europe during WWII.

Jessa's latest Insta-rant is too long to reproduce here, but she begins by saying, "I walked through the Holocaust museum today...very sobering."

So far, so good. She goes on to lament man's inhumanity toward man and decry the horrors of racism. 

Then she begins to go off the rails, asserting that racism stems "from the evolutionary idea that man evolved from something less than human; that some people groups are 'less evolved' and others 'more evolved.'"

Say what?!

We're not sure what evolutionary biologists Jessa's been chatting with, but the gist of the theory is that we all evolved from different species. 

There's literally not a single reputable scientist on the planet claiming that "some people groups are 'less evolved.'"

But hey, if your head hasn't exploded yet, don't worry - it gets worse.

Following a lengthy quote from the Book of Proverbs (We highly doubt Jessa abides by every law in the Old Testament, but that's a conversation for another time.), Jessa mercifully wraps things up.

But first, of course, she gut-punches you with nonsense one last time:

"We must be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Because EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS #ProLife"

That bit at the end was the first time that Jessa mentioned anything about abortion, and to be clear, we're not attacking her stance on the matter. It's a complex issue and not a debate we're interested in wading into here.

All we're saying is, DON'T FREAKIN' COMPARE ANYTHING TO THE HOLOCAUST! There. It's that simple. 

It's like using a racial slur or cat-calling a strange woman on the street. Just don't do it ever, or you're a jackass. Is that so hard?

Anyway, you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online at TV Fanatic to see if you can find a scene in which Jessa says something smart.

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