Freaks and Geeks Cast: Where Are They Now?

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Here's something you need to know about working in Hollywood: If Judd Apatow likes you, he'll apparently keep casting on you in his projects.

That's been pretty true for several members of the now-famous director's short-lived cult hit Freaks and Geeks​, which debuted 15 years ago.

So where ARE the Freaks and Geeks cast members now? Take a look:

In case you aren't familiar with the genius that was this project, and I was not until about half an hour ago, the first thing you'll notice is that the cast was comprised of famous faces.

Seth Rogen. Busy Phillips. Linda Cardellini. Jason Segel. James Franco. John Francis Daley. They're all stars.

Rogen and Franco are arguably the two most famous of the bunch, having appeared in multiple Judd Apatow flicks, like Pineapple Express, together, as well as several Bound 2 parodies.

Jason Segel played the lead in the Apatow-produced Forgetting Sarah Marshall before heading over to How I Met Your Mother

Linda Cardellini and Busy Philipps both found their calling on the small screens with Cardellini heading to ER as hard-hitting nurse Sam Taggart and Philipps eventually ending up on Cougar Town after doing time as Joey Potter's wild roommate on Dawson's Creek.

All in all, it's a pretty quality group, don't you think? What Freaks & Geeks lacked in longevity, it made up for in career launching.

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