Five-Year-Old Likes Legos and Football, is Also GOD

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Kanye West would approve of this five-year-old's self-konfidence.

A Reddit user's nephew was recently asked to list three special things about himself in an assignment for school, and he completed it to the best of his ability.

The first two items? Pretty standard for a little boy. But the third ...

I Am God Note

Aside from playing with Legos and enjoying football, this youngster is also God, the all-knowing, all-powerful, divine master of his domain and everyone else's.

The Almighty, masquerading as a common kindergartner. Who knew?

We're guessing he meant "good" and just missed a letter to produce an entirely different and hilarious result, but it's funnier to think he has a god complex.

If so, the other kids have another thing coming on the playground when he shows off his unparalleled skills with the pigskin. Fools are gonna get PWNED.

And God's Lego creations? Those things have got to be epic.

More classic little kid spelling mistakes and notes below:

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