Brittany Murphy Movie Reenacts Simon Monjack Romance, Actress' Career Struggles

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Lifetime's controversial Brittany Murphy biopic premiered Saturday, and in doing so, stirred more controversy surrounding the late actress' life and death.

The TV movie became a controversial topic for fans, and Murphy's father, who slammed the project and feared that the starlet’s image was being tainted.

Brittany Murphy died on December 20, 2009 from anemia, pneumonia and “combined drug intoxication,” a cause of death her family is still skeptical of.

Some fans even pointed the finger at Simon Monjack, the 32-year-old's husband who is depicted prominently in Lifetime's The Brittany Murphy Story.

Murphy's family believes Brittany was poisoned to death, although Monjack - now also deceased - may have also fallen victim to the same, accidental fate.

In any case, the film showed the actress struggling to obtain roles in Hollywood after tabloids and celebrity gossip sites damaged her image and reputation.

Dropped by her agent, Murphy was reeling until Monjack, a former paparazzi member turned executive producer and writer, came to her "rescue."

Suspiciously to some, Monjack developed a romantic relationship with Brittany Murphy and took control of her career after their whirlwind courtship.

While Brittany Murphy’s mother, Sharon, openly questioned Monjack’s intentions, he insisted that he truly loved her and wanted to help her career.

One of his attempts was getting her a role in a horror film, which Murphy (portrayed by Amanda Fuller) told Monjack (Eric Petersen) she didn't want to do.

She came around, though, to The Caller, a small budget thriller filming in Puerto Rico that she gave up a role in a pilot produced by her ex Ashton Kutcher for.

The Lifetime movie depicts the actress falling asleep on the set, forgetting her lines and growing displeased that the “thriller” turned out to be a horror film.

Producers accused Monjack of being drunk and kicked him off of the set. When Brittany Murphy stood by her husband’s side, the director fired her.

Murphy was let go from the film a couple weeks prior to her death. Rumors quickly spread about the drama on set, even prompting an SNL sketch.

Whatever creative liberties taken by the (beyond low-budget) film, it's clear that she was not in a good place near the end of a life that ended far too soon.

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